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It was also available in a version with black dials, which are extremely rare. I would estimate that there is less than a dozen of these, and it's a common belief that the black dials are service replacements.

The grey areas on the dials of Home Plates are often "spotted" and I would expect Replica Franck Mueller to provide the more durable black versions to the service centres, just as they did when the black dials rotted with the blue snowflake dials for the Submariner. Only a few of these dials have been purchased by original owners who are adamant they were originally ordered in this configuration. Maybe authorised dealers would offer the black to their preferred clients. They are the Holy Grail of Replica Franck Mueller collectors.

Home Plate has been called by other names over the years. It is only fitting that another name for 703X watches, the Porsche Chrono, was given to them. The wrist-mounted clock was the ideal solution for car racing. The name was given to the 7032 watch in an advert for the Japanese market. It featured a Porsche 911. The link is tenuous but it stuck.

Home Plates are delivered in a box that's orange and two-pieced.Replica Franck Mueller An orange cylindrical two-piece card outer box contained an inner brightly colored display box. This was unlike anything seen before or since. The Rolex boxes at the time encouraged the owners to reuse the box for peanuts, cigarettes or paperclips. Collectors have called the box "Peanut Box". It is highly prized and commands a few hundred pounds at auction sites.

Replica Franck Mueller introduced its second series of Chronographs in 1971. Replica Franck Mueller had enjoyed some success with its Home Plate watches and decided to keep up the use of vibrant colours that were becoming a trademark of Replica Franck Mueller. I have attended Replica Franck Mueller Baselworld events for the past four years, and can only imagine how excited Basel would have been when these watches were first unveiled in 1971. Replica Franck Mueller has become known for pushing the boundaries of conventions and breaking the rules within the Wilsdorf Group. The piece exclusive to Only Watch, and the focus on Heritage pieces are examples. These Series Two chronographs, at the time, were bold, big and daring. I'd like to think they would have raised some eyebrows.

Replica Franck Mueller added a third type of bezel to the second series in order to offer more options on the market. The 12-hour bidirectional rotating bezel was tested on the prototype 7033 and is now being produced. It was unique to Replica Franck Mueller Chronographs and not found on Rolex or acrylic tachymeters. Three watches were available - 7149 (acrylic bezel with tachymeter), 7159(steel bezel with tachymeter) and 7169 (12-hour graduated dial).omega de ville replica watches The first-series Home Plate watches shared some features, including the triangular orange stopwatch hand, the two-register dial and the date window at 6 o’clock (with a unique date bubble). Home Plate watches were also available in a grey/orange/blue color scheme. In order to accommodate the introduction of blue elements on certain watches, a blue bezel was used instead of a black one on the 7149s. A blue 12-hour bezel was also required on the 7169.